Nigeria is the highest importer of goods, both essential and non-essential products, in Africa, and one of the foremost in the World, to meet the ever-growing needs of its estimated 200 million populations. Such age-long practice has continued to undermine the economic potentials of the Nation, killing business ideas, creating distain and contempt for locally-made products in the minds of countrymen, limiting job-opportunities, leave innovations unrewarded, and, as many will put it, transferred our common wealth into the purses of manufacturing countries at the expense of local manufacturers. Recent reports show that Nigeria spent $411.32 billion on importation of goods between 2010 – 2017, and #4.06 trillion between 2018 & 2019, sadly.

The Business Stakeholders Advocacy Engagement Project is a sub-initiative of the Nigerian Market, an online advocacy platform that spotlights and promotes Made-in-Nigeria products with views of encouraging acceptability and patronage of locally-manufactured products among consumers. The initiative which is championed by the Ambassadors Initiative for Development & Empowerment, has gained remarkable traction in the last 5 months, with massive reach across the country and abroad.

The Business Stakeholders Advocacy Engagement Project is created to spearhead the sensitization and dialogue among key stakeholders with an objective to promote and bring to the fore locally-manufactured Nigerian products. The Agenda is centered on selling the Nigerian brand while mobilizing the huge Nigerian market to buy, thereby BUYING NAIJA TO GROW NAIJA.


Ambassadors Initiative for Development & Empowerment (AIDE) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization that has created the first online platform that promotes only made in Nigeria products with hash tag: #buynaija2grownaija.


The Business Stakeholders Advocacy Engagement Project is scheduled to commence 19th November, 2020 – 19th November, 2021. With the official lunch of campaign hash tag #buynaija2naija.


The primary objective of this initiative is to build the largest Eco-system for Nigerian local content, its development, promotion, profitability, and export into the African market, with an action plan for the next five (5) years.

Other objectives

  • To effect a paradigm shift, attitudinal change and preference toward the patronage of locally-manufactured Nigerian products in the local markets.
  • To facilitate stakeholders’ synergy and consensus on fostering an Eco-system that supports standardization, growth and boosts the export capacity of Nigeria-made products.
  • To promote strategies that will give locally-manufactured Nigerian products unequalled edge in the Continental market.
  • To drastically reduce the importation of Goods that can be produced in Nigeria.
  • To foster linkages and network among existing Entrepreneurs and Business owners


  • Products Manufacturers
  • Government MDAs
  • Products Distributors
  • Market Associations
  • Importers & Exporters
  • MSMEs


  • Massive promotions of locally-manufactured products.
  • Massive increase in patronage of locally-manufactured Nigerian products in the Nigerian market.
  • Increase in demand of Nigerian products.
  • A platform where Government leaders, stakeholders and investors meet.
  • Showcased and spotlighted Products, Projects and Services.
  • Improved capacity for 1,000 registered Entrepreneurs in Business Development.
  • Recognize and Award Outstanding Nigerian market Ambassadors.
  • Launch Nigerian Market
  • Increased visibility, profitability, scalability and sustainability of local businesses.
  • Massive jobs creation.
  • Provide networking opportunities.


Below are activities that make up the Business Stakeholders Advocacy Engagement Project;

  • Exclusive Interviews: 250 select manufacturers and products distributors across the country will enjoy exclusive spotlight interviews and extensive coverage on all our platforms including TV, Online TV, Radio & Web platforms, to encourage patronage of their businesses.
  • Bi-Annual Stakeholders Engagement Summits: As part of efforts to engage relevant stakeholders to develop framework and suggest policy-pathways on the advancement, acceptability, promotions and patronage of locally-manufactured products, there will be stakeholders summits held within the span of the project. The itinerary will also capture sensitization and enlightenment on locally-made products.
  • The Launch of Associate Media Options: Currently, Nigerian Market is an Online TV/Web hub. But arrangements have been made for weekly Radio & TV broadcasts of all the project’s contents.


It is anticipated that the Business Stakeholders Advocacy Engagement Project will attract millions of viewers from around Africa and overseas, including top Business executives, Government officials, Sales Professionals, Investors, Consumers and the general public as arrangements have been made to showcase all activities on multiple multimedia platforms.


  • Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
  • Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mine & Agriculture (NACCIMA)
  • NEXIM Bank
  • Investment Promotion Council
  • Export Promotion Council
  • Association of Nigeria Exporters (ANE)
  • African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA
  • Business Development Service Providers
  • Market Unions
  • Micro, Small & Medium-scale Enterprises
  • Media Organizations
  • Distributors

Nigeria Market

Buy Naija To Grow Naija

Ambassadors Initiative for Development & Empowerment (AIDE) is championing the biggest Made-In-Nigeria campaign in the country tagged the Nigerian Market (Buy Naija To Grow Naija). This is born out of the need for nationalism and patriotism in a bid to shift the paradigm towards building a resilient and diversified economic that is homegrown and globally competitive. The campaign seeks to provide a dialogue platform for policy makers, law-makers, professional bodies, researchers, industry experts, local manufacturers, entrepreneurs, business development service providers, investors and financial institutions.

More importantly, it seeks to aggressively contribute to the growth of local content by influencing government’s policy and budget decisions, supporting access to finance, promoting quality assurance (packaging and branding), fostering partnership, linkages with markets (both local and international) and change the perception of Nigerians. This is in line with our goal of building the largest eco-system for local content development, promotion, profitability and export in Africa over the next five years.

The campaign was launched on 26th May, 2020 and it is being championed using online media outlet (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), followed by conventional media programming (Radio and Television) and offline engagements (stakeholders engagement, organizing Expo and conferences).