Nigeria Market

Buy Naija To Grow Naija

Ambassadors Initiative for Development & Empowerment (AIDE) is championing the biggest Made-In-Nigeria campaign in the country tagged the Nigerian Market (Buy Naija To Grow Naija). This is born out of the need for nationalism and patriotism in a bid to shift the paradigm towards building a resilient and diversified economic that is homegrown and globally competitive. The campaign seeks to provide a dialogue platform for policy makers, law-makers, professional bodies, researchers, industry experts, local manufacturers, entrepreneurs, business development service providers, investors and financial institutions.

More importantly, it seeks to aggressively contribute to the growth of local content by influencing government’s policy and budget decisions, supporting access to finance, promoting quality assurance (packaging and branding), fostering partnership, linkages with markets (both local and international) and change the perception of Nigerians. This is in line with our goal of building the largest eco-system for local content development, promotion, profitability and export in Africa over the next five years.

The campaign was launched on 26th May, 2020 and is being championed using online media outlet (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), followed by conventional media programming (Radio and Television) and offline engagements (stakeholders engagement, organizing Expo and conferences). read more…Nigeria market