The woman below is by name Mrs. Saba Cecilia, a widow for the past four years who resides at Jikwe, in Abuja. She works at Local Education Authority (L.E.A), where she gets her meager salary that she uses to cater for her four children with one nephew. According to her, so far, “the scholarship program in computer education has been wonderful, because prior to now, I saw the computer as a fearful thing that only people that have brain can operate it, but now am not afraid again, it has improved my knowledge”.

When asked what would she use the knowledge she has gotten for? In her words she asserted, “ I can be contacting people to send bulk S.M.S for their events, downloading and be doing exams registration for people, as a business. Her kind words for AIDE were, “you are answering the call of God by impacting lives”. She quoted the statement by the E.D of AIDE during their orientation program, he said “God cannot bless the work of your hands, if you do not have anything in your hands, but if you have a skill in your hands that is when God can bless you. She also praised the patience and dedication of their instructor, who treated them as if they paid”.

Mrs. Hepzibah Precious is a young widow for the past three years; she caters for two children, and stays at Apo area of Abuja. She holds a senior secondary school certificate, and presently works with AIDE as an office assistance, luck fell on her as the organization in its commitment to employment generation gave offer to any of the widows that were without a job. She said, “before being a beneficiary of the scholarship scheme, I used to be intimidated when i see the computer, and was very strange and looks very difficult to me, but that now, it has been an interesting experience”.

For a very long time, she had wanted to enroll in computer training, but she had no money considering the up-keep of her children. According to her, “God answered my prayers and sent AIDE my way. When asked what she would do with the knowledge and experience she had garnered, her response was, “I can now run a computer school, I can be an instructor, I can run a business doing bulk S.M.S”. HER WORDS to AIDE is that “they are good spirited Nigerians; they are teaching us how to catch fish, rather than giving us fish, and what we have learned no one can take it away from us”.

She is Mrs. Victoria Onwuasonya by name, a widow with four children who resides at Karimo Agura Qtrs, Abuja. She lost her husband six years ago, and has been battling to make ends meet. With her grade two certificate she is presently working with Precious Life hospital, even though employed, it has not been easy according to her bringing up four children, which is why see jumped at the opportunity when she heard of the AIDE Scholarship Scheme, so that she can acquire the capacity to earn extra income to compliment what she is getting at present. When asked of her experience during the training period, she said “it widened my knowledge, and the computer is no longer strange to me, I can now read mails, browse news, type and do graphics design”.

She was then asked what she would use the knowledge for? Her response was that “I could make money with it by opening a business Centre and do graphic design”. She showered encomium on AIDE for supporting widows and training them to have something in their hands. She said, “it is very good, I had it in mind, but I did not have the money, it helped a lot. We are being taught with seriousness as if we paid. Am very grateful”.