Poverty is the greatest enemy humanity is confronting today, its impact is palpable particularly in Nigeria; bringing along with it severe hunger, disease, inequality, immorality, criminality, hopelessness and high mortality rate. As a non-profit organization, AIDE presently is engaged in innovative interventions through empowerment, human capacity development and strategic partnerships targeting the youth and women in the society. So far, even though insufficient, we are relying mainly on the generosity of foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals like you to carry out our numerous developmental and empowerment programs. Some of our interventions that need your support include:

  • AIDE Vocational Technology Institute (AVTI), for vulnerable women and youth (#skillfightpoverty).
  • AIDE Community Clinic (Your Health, Your Wealth)
  • AIDE Multi-purpose Cooperative (for existing and aspiring small business owners)
  • Quarterly Breakfast Meeting for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Global Partnership for Poverty Reduction in Nigeria (GPPRN)

Why donate?
To ensure that we can continue our work of empowering the unskilled, unemployed and poverty stricken, thereby giving hope to the hopeless and reducing poverty to the barest minimum in our society. AIDE is counting on friends and partners like you to support our work through regular donations in cash or kind. Your donations matters to millions of poor Nigerians, we welcome your support!

If you want to make direct transfer, please direct your donation to
Account Name: “Ambassadors Initiative for Development and Empowerment”
Account Number: 1012707545
Bank Name: Zenith Bank(Zb)
Country: Nigeria

General Indemnity – Donors are obligated to indemnify and hold harmless, AIDE and its agents, staff, officers, directors and trustees and employees whatsoever against all claims, liabilities, losses, arising out of the acts, error, or omission of the donor while making donations including but not limited to using the online platform. Terms and Conditions for Donation

  • AIDE would not be party to any fraudulent donations or illegal funds transaction.
  • AIDE is obligated to report any suspicious donations or transactions to appropriate government agency and/or law enforcement agency for further action.
  • All donations are to be used strictly for the support of the AIDE programmes.
  • AIDE is obligated to use the donations transparently and prudently towards implementation and support of programmes for which the donation is intended for.
  • AIDE is obligated to keep in touch with you through email on how your donations are touching lives.

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